OEA Retired

Why Join OEA/NEA-R, Pre-Retired?


You are a life-long educator and supporter of Public Education. You are concerned about the future of Public Schools, your community and our nation’s future.  The strength of our democracy depends on an informed and educated citizen base. You believe in fairness and inclusiveness.  All children deserve a good education. These are the fundamental principles of OEA/NEA and you know the value of a collective voice.  You want to continue your support for Public Education even after retirement.

There are also personal benefits in joining now, as Pre-retired.  The cost of a LIFETIME membership to both organizations is only $350. Joining later will probably cost more.  You will be kept in the loop with information and opportunities to mentor in schools and lobby for strong public education legislation. Simply call OEA to let them know when you retire. The transition is seamless and you never pay again.

You are still eligible for OEA Member Access offering discounts on travel, recreation and restaurants, reduced rates on tax and legal help, and you will continue to receive Schools Ohio and access to the OEA web page @ www.ohea.org and www.ohea.org/oea-r-district-websites.

You continue to be eligible for NEA Member Benefits like affordable liability, health, travel, long-term and accident insurance, low-interest credit cards or loans, and high interest investment opportunities. You will continue to receive NEA Today along with Active Life for retirees. And you will still have access to www.nea.org.

So join on-line @ www.nea.org/JoinNea  and encourage you colleagues to help support Public Education with a Life Time membership. Or contact Judy Novak jar4439@gmail.com more information or an application.