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OEA Fall RA, was held on December 7 at the Ohio Expo Center.

The Representative Assembly (RA) is the policy-making body of the Ohio Education Association. It is comprised of members who have been elected as delegates to represent their Local Associations.

Delegates collaborate to establish Association policies and objectives, elect officers, adopt a budget, adopt/evaluate the legislative program, act on resolutions, as well as act on new business items as needed. Any member is welcome to attend an OEA-RA as a guest. However, per the OEA Constitution, its bylaws, provisions and policy, only recognized delegates may participate in debates and votes.

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NCOEA Fall Representative Assembly

NCOEA met on November 11 for their Fall Representative Assembly at the Ontario Event Center.

Guests Included:
Jeff Wensing, Vice President of OEA
Mark Hill, Treasurer of OEA
Adrienne Bowmen, Dan Greenburg, and Kim Richards, NEA Board of Directors

Committee Reports were available, Calendar Changes were discussed and a FCPE (Fund for Children and Public Education)  Drive was held.

Many attending will represent us at the OEA Assembly on May 8-9, 2020

OEA/NEA FCPE does not support only one party?  Vice President Jeff Wensing reported that our endorsed candidates were 60% Democrats and 40% Republicans. We look for candidates that are PRO Public Education!