Oct. 10 @ 4:00 p.m. and again @ 6:00 p.m. (eastern)
Oct. 11 @ 7:00 a.m. (eastern)

Link for Zoom:

NEAMB Zoom Link 

Hello my OEA friends,

   As the deadline for TEPSLF nears and with the opportunity created with Biden’s universal loan cancellation starting as early as December, members have the opportunity to have a significant amount – possibly all – of their loans eliminated.  I have scheduled 7 more student loan forgiveness zoom sessions for the first two weeks of October and that schedule with the hyperlink to join is attached.  I’ve decided not to schedule any other student loan zoom sessions in October after the one on 10/11 because I fear that some are waiting until the last minute and if they haven’t started to look at the actions they need to take by the middle of October, I’m not confident that they will have time to do so before the deadline of 10/31.  And, the last thing I want is for a member to attend a session on 10/28, discover that they don’t have time to achieve TEPSLF and scapegoat NEA Member Benefits or the OEA for not getting information to them sooner.  I am already getting some of that from members who email, call and text saying that they have been unable to attend any of the student loan zoom sessions so far yet there have been about 100 of them since 9/2021 – some as early as 7:00 a.m. and as late as 7:00 p.m..  They were held all summer long, on Saturdays and even on Dec. 28 when 72 members attended.

  And while I will do everything I can to help a member who has questions or some complicated situation or whatever, I’m getting calls, emails and texts from some who want me to schedule individualized meetings with them which is just not possible.  So, please emphasize to your local leaders that these seven sessions will be the last time for them to get information from NEA Member Benefits about the limited waiver (TEPSLF) and members who want to learn more should attend,

 Starting in November, I will begin to offer a wider range of topics and student loan forgiveness sessions will resume a focus on the NEA Student Debt Navigator and all forgiveness options.

 And many thanks to all of you for helping to share these opportunities with members. 

 In solidarity,

 Guy Kendall-Freas | NEASO VP (MB)

October 2022 Student Loan Zoom Sessions


Columbus Education Association need our help


Dear NCOEA leaders,

Our Columbus Education Association brothers and sisters are on strike and need our support.
Please follow and like them on social media and encourage your members to as well.
At your next meeting, explain the information below so your members are aware.
Consider certain days of solidarity, like Red for Ed Wednesdays, take a photo of all your members and post to your social media.
Please share any other creative ideas to show support for CEA with me and other NCOEA officers.
Remember that we gather next week on Thursday September 1st at our NCOEA Social.  Please bring as many members as you can with you.  OEA officers will be there too.
In Solidarity,

Rob Fetters, President

North Central Ohio Education Association


 NCOEA: Connecting you & your local union to OEA

NCOEA presents MARCH MADNESS with Member Benefits


Each Monday and Thursday at 4:30 throughout the month of March, NCOEA members are invited to engage with NEA Member Benefits via Zoom and learn more about Student Loan Forgiveness and Retirement. The ZOOM link will be the same for all five occurrences of each topic. Each presentation will last an hour but the presenter(s) will be available about 30 minutes prior to the start time for members who may just have a question or two before committing to stay. And, of course, the presenter(s) will stay on following the presentation for questions that any member may have.
Check out the link to see dates and times for Zoom Meetings:
1. Student Loan Forgiveness Options for ALL
Education Employees &

2. When Can I Afford to Retire or Will I Just Die At
My Desk?

March Madness